Saturday, 14 February 2009

Drawn by a Star

Agwu Art: Agwu is the god of medicine men, divination and healing in Nigeria. Exploring healing & transformation through intuitive drawings and paintings.

So, for a reason I can't explain to myself, I feel a pull to share these sketches with a few art interested friends. 

I love the mysterious creative process of going into the unknown. It's OK if you don't like the images.

The energy and colour behind the images I think is telling me I'm connecting with a vital life force, the same thrilling life force I saw in the artists work in Granada a few days ago. 

I've lost that energy though ill health, but, I'm sure I can re- awaken it though painting. Other people will re awaken it through sex, though running, gardening, though 101 different passions. 

Today I started by simply experimenting with symmetry. In Peru a shaman might give you a few cochineal berries. He'd instruct you put these on a piece of white paper, fold the paper -with them inside- then rub the two sheets of paper together. When you open it , you'll have a scarlet mirror image which the shaman will then interpret. This is what started me off today, but I used black to begin with. 

I then added more colors, pressed the papers together again and again, and finally drew a few sparse lines on top. Photographing the process at every change was fascinating. 

In this collection of images I want to share with you the combination of found marks, themes of healing, and the mysterious process of Divine intervention.
Many stages of this process seem just a complete mess, then something astonishing emerges, it can be just a tiny corner of one image that touches the heart.

For this reason I have chosen the name for the page, Agwu Art... Agwu being a Nigerian God and source of great inspiration, it just popped right out at me the moment I went looking for a name, and a bench mark.