Thursday, 26 January 2017

Compassion as We Take Action

Dear friends, as the song says - I can't keep quiet - anymore!  I've got some good news to share.

But first...

what a historic week this has been.  So much confusion.  So much 'What the F* is Going On?'  So much  'How can this be happening,' etc., etc.

How can we make sense of any of this?

Frequently I'm not sure what I think until I see what I've written, or drawn.

This has been particularly true this last week.

I've felt a bit like a drone, witnessing an approaching tsunami.   Every now and then there's been a feeling  of being violently swept off my feet with the mind's voice continually yelling -  I've lost my bearing... I don’t know what to do.  Help!

Major Bewilderment. Moments of deep  disbelief.  Majorly off course.  Fear.

Then when I've not been observing this tsunami  drama, I'm like trying to find the door handle  in a public toilet when the overhead light's gone out.

So yesterday, I seriously asked the Universe/God /Goddess/All That Is/ Buddha/Jesus/Allah/ Yahweh for help. 

And fairly instantly it arrived.  My inner light has been switched on again, by Jack Kornfield.

I’m  deciding to believe that what is happening in the US  will be seen historically as a huge gift to all of us, globally. I really believe it is a wakeup call, as cancer is. 

Cancer and other life threatening illnesses drive us to make choices and changes, and lead us to look at and experience life  in a completely new way.


Since the first day Mr Trump sat down behind his desk in the White House, the US became to its  worldwide friends and spectators,  the Un-United States of America. 

But the prognosis of this presidency is not set in stone.

Oh no !  No senor!

Jack Kornfield’s talk, Compassion as We Take Action, is an oasis of sanity.  I really urge you to watch it.

On the theme of the new president being a 'gift,' in his talk Thank you Mr Trump,  young Richard Williams  - an American  poet, rapper and filmmaker - says, his country is sick.

What he says is uncomfortable, and  strangely compelling.  Now more than ever he says, we must make choices out of love,  not out of hate or fear.  Jack Kornfield says the same, with different words, and a different tone.   I share with you a young and an older voice of America.

I've been wading through the Internet searching for some nuggets of wisdom since this all started.

How do we cope, how do we not get overwhelmed?

I can't keep quite any more. I'm feeling excited.  Jack Kornfield's wisdom and wonderful gift of storytelling has reset my inner compass. When more dark episodes come via Mr Trump, I will again listen to Jack.

My faith is truly in the wise ones of this wonderful country, and in the bigger picture. And I accept it will probably be extremely scary (globally) before we move into the next 'phase.'

 Just as with cancer, each ‘phase of it’ leads us to a new place of being and doing.

Personally, I believe as long as we can keep believing in goodness and justice (thank you Holland) we can, despite everything, continue to have our lives enriched  by moments of awe, joy and  love, every day.

Good things are already happening.  The Netherlands are giving us  a great example of caring about others.

And after a week of angst, I'm  reminded by a wise friend in Australia that a lot of good people voted for Trump, that this is what democracy is about.  People have chocies.  Byron Katie is truly inspiring on this theme.

And finally, I’m reminded that all we have to deal with is today.

I made these  drawings  at Belalcazar monastery in 2015.  They’re on the theme of the Convivencia when in 1492  the Jews were  expelled from Spain.  Yes, expelled.

They were given  just 2 months to leave the country they called  home. 

This period of transition from the known to the unknown was what fascinated me.  In the most difficult times  the human spirit  will always be  extraordinary.

We are now in another time of transition. 

My firm intention is  to be curious rather than frightened.  And I intend to focus on the good, the inspiring and the compassionate, and to keep drawing, and writing, and sharing good news.

I'm 100% for Compassion as We Take Action .

What stand what action will you take dear friend?

Jack Kornfiled's talk : Compassion as We Take Action:

Milck song : I can't keep quiet.

and lastly, Byron Katie:

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Let's get real.

Next Friday will be historic.

Next week is almost here.
The US inaugueration approaches.
Worldwide, changes will start to happen.

There wll be consequences.

I so believe in the connection between inner and outer 'worlds.'  That we’re all connected in unfathomable ways .  That harbouring any negative thoughts, or fear thoughts, or murderous thoughts towards this man is highly damaging to ourselves, and to  the collective consciousness.

Pastel drawing by Marylin Fox 13.01 17. Passionarte group.

Has anybody not had a murderous thoughts towards this person?

How can we make any sense of all of this?

Pastel drawing by Jill . 13.01 17. Passionarte group.

I’d like to share this paragraph from a friend's email yesterday.

"Well I reckon we are in for an interesting year on the international stage Meg - I can't remember a time in my life when such an important role was filled by such an unknown and frankly utterly bizarre character. I wonder what we are going to learn from it all?
For me maybe it will have something to do with letting go because let's get real, what on earth else will one be able to do in the face of a force so extraordinary!"

Thank you F.

My personal intention is not to allow any judgements or fears or  dread to colour each day.  To keep informed.  To be real about it- in my own way.
Not judgeing, I know,will be challenging.

As before, TV and radio are not part of my life, so I'll be seeking out on line , the teaching and practices of the wise ones, globally.

My friend Rachel often reminds me,
‘Thoughts become things, so chose the good ones.'

 I’m certainly going to focus on the good ones !’

And I have faith there will be good ones, despite everything.

Love will always be coming over the mountains, from every direction, to every direction.
Nobody can stop this. 


Thursday, 5 January 2017

Amerika and Norik

Amerika 5 years ago .
Dear friends, greetings from the land where the sky is a mixture of ultramarine and cerulean blue nearly every day, and where oranges and lemons delight the eyes at almost every turn of the road .

It’s market day.  It’ll be busy and  buzzy and exciting because tomorrow is the main day of Christmas here in Spain, the day of the Three  Kings. This is the  day the children traditionally receive their presents.

It’s a special day of celebration for my dear friend Loli.  Her second grandchild was born yesterday.  She’s the aunt of the young waiter Kiki who died in the fire in the bar in Lanjaron in June. Life has been hard for her family since then.  New life is utterly awesome, isn’t it!

On the other side of the world in Bolivia, the 6th of January will also be celebrated.  In Cochabamba for my beloved adopted Bolivian granddaughter Amerika, it will be a day she won’t ever forget. 


Tragically her baby Norik died (in uterus) on Saturday.  He was delivered by caesarean section on Monday. Amerika is 19.  I heard this news (from her) yesterday, within 10 minutes of returning home after my week away.

The medical conditions in the hospital were dire.  She’s  now home with her mother in law and young husband.  

In the hospital, Amerika was only allowed a visitor for one hour in the morning, and one hour in the evening.  She was in a room with many young mothers, all nursing their new born babies.  Her own mum is blind.

Her dad  Claudio, a gifted actor and teacher, has been a special friend  for over six years. Long story.  He  works with street kids in Santa Cruz. Amerika used to work with him at an arts centre they created in a extremely poor part of the city.

I’m wanting to raise money to help pay for the funeral of Norik, and  for the bringing of his little body back to Santa Cruz. 

If you would like to help me do this, please  go to our website and make a small donation via PayPal. 

I have never ever asked for help in this way, but this story is so tragic and the circumstances so dire, I can’t sit back  and do nothing. Every 10€ will make a difference to making things a tiny  bit easier for them.

My first response was to ask the nuns at Belalcazar  monastery to pray for the family.  They replied within an hour that of course they would.  So I continue to believe that despite everything,  poco a poco -little by little-  all will be well.  

Amerika  is an old soul in a very young body.   

Love  is now flowing across seas and mountains to this fragile family.  

 They have next to nothing  materially speaking, but  they have a passion for life, huge courage and imagination, and a desire to make the world a better  place for the hundreds of disadvantaged children they work with live amongst.

Barbara Magalotti (of the prison) is helping me with info re flights and costs for the funeral.

PS.  All and any prayers  and healing thoughts will be gratefully received.

Money is not the answer to everything, but in this case, some is needed. We don’t know exactly how much yet.  I will keep you posted.

I would like to send Amerika 100€ for the next 6 months to make sure she is able to buy medicines and food. 

She already has a 2 year old daughter called Inti.

To donate: please go to


Amerika is now very happy to be back living in Santa Cruz. He beloved dad lives close by.  She is truly amazing in the way she is getting on with her life.  She even talks about going back to school. She left aged 14, and has two more years to complete. She's 20 now.

With our money she managed to find a little one bedroomed apartment with a small patio where Inti can play. Finding a place to stay 8 days after major surgery,  has taken its toll.  She tells me she may have a hernia,  so will go  to hospital tomorrow.

Street theatre in Bolivia, the inspiration for Claudio and  Amerika.

I have raised over 400€  and still need to find 200€ to support her for the next 6 months.

100€ a month  can be life changing in Bolivia for a family.

Planning to sell some drawings on line !  Watch this space for details !!

Have a lovely day, and thank you again for your support.

PPS. The 200€ has arrived !  I sold two drawings yesterday.  Thank you Jill and Sian.