Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Another new beginning.

Today my first chemotherapy treatment was a colourful mixture of many new experiences and strange sensations. Now home I’m little tired, a little headachy, bit of a sore arm, but otherwise fine.

The peace and calm I’ve felt thanks to all your healing vibes, is amazing. Thank you so much.
I had No Fear at all today, just some moments of dread when they told me they will have to  operate again.  They’ll have to put  another implant in my chest. The one they put in  last week has turned turtle, it’s useless. Bummer !

This  implant is mega important because it’s where they inject the chemo.  Today they had to put it in a small vein, hence ‘the bit of a  sore’ hand tonight.

Half way through the morning, after coming back from the loo, I fell off my chair and caused a crowd of nurses to swoop down on me in seconds. 

I felt like a goldfish trying to make sense of an assortment of staring, shocked faces. Then everybody laughed, and gently, 5 caring women hauled me back onto the chair !

Later a smiling  elderly volunteer called Jaime wheeled a little  red trolley in front of me, and gave me a tough bocadillo ( a large roll, no butter, with  a slither of local ham), and offered soft drinks. The bocadillo is not on the healthy diet , but I scoffed it seconds. And another one later!

Finally , we came home, and friend gave me a wonderful  Reiki session. 
So now we are snuggled in for the night. Tomorrow we go back for a repeat performance, but without the chair and the implant  ‘scenes.’ 

We =  myself and my very dear young friend Merche who has been with me through thick and thin since the beginning of all of this on the 4th of September.  Merche has many talents.  One of them is photography.

It was humbling beyond words to be alongside about 30 other folk today, all ages,  all going through the same challenge.  There was a sense of dignity among them which touched me deeply.