Sunday, 23 December 2012

Feliz Navidad de Alcazar, Andalucia,  Spain

No water in the  village for the last 48 hours.  Not complaining, just adjusting!

Crystals.  During a crystal healing  workshop on Saturday in the Lecrin Valley, surrounded by orange trees...

Crystal Cave in Paraguay.
 a   young psychic woman started telling me 'things' about my connection to disadvantaged children in the third world, especially in Peru and Bolivia.
As she talked about my passion for these little beings,  tears streamed down my face.  I don't know why I'm feeling so tearful I told her. I honestly didn't.  Suddenly my  whole body was filled with a gripping pain.

'You love them so much  because they're like  your own children, ' she said.
'Yes...'  I replied slowly. 

As I lay on a makeshift bed of deep blue pillows, Emma intuitively placed the quartz, fluorite and amethyst crystals onto my third chackra.  Their immediate  effect was like a drug.  Silently, I felt myself  sinking into a bottomless void. The pain  subsided.

'Christmas is a strange time for me' I told her.

'It's such a family time isn't it?'

My voice sounded odd. I lost all sense of time and place.


'Most children come into the world into the loving arms of their mother,' I heard myself say.
'they arrive into a welcoming extended family.
 I came into the  world and went  straight into an Irish orphanage.'

 This is a simple fact of my life.  It was not a cry  for sympathy.

 Emma placed another bluey green fluorite crystal beside the others, dousing to see if they were 'working.'

They were.

Crystals have extraordinary  properties.  I've believed this  for many years. 
Strange that I've never  voiced my past quite  like this before.
Lovely  how this empathy and compassion now feels grounded and understood in a new way.

Five days later on the Internet I read :
Fluorite is a particularly beneficial healing crystal for the mind. It promotes the organization of information. It helps to link new information with what is already known, encouraging useful connections between ideas for deeper understanding.

On Friday, we were told the world would end.

I filled my car with petrol and took out half the money I have in the bank!  The money  now lives it in a chubby, yellow metal box with a  fat key. Two  keys actually.

I wrote  in a jotter  - great little  word that isn't it - 'it's  hidden  on top of '...because I don't trust my memory these days.
Just hope I remember  where I've put that jotter ( notebook),  now where did I put the keys ?
Ah yes....!

So the  world didn't end on Friday.

I didn't think it would.   But,  I did consider that our planet could get hit by a meteorite.

Apart from those two small actions which felt  strangely spooky - but comfortingly necessary - I had a lovely peaceful day on Friday feeling that huge love for the neglected children of the world, and tuning into what was going on in Bolivia.

Now if  the so called ' Shift ' means we can all access these profound states of love,  connection, and compassion at least some of the  time, then hallelujah.
Really, really hallelujah.

While I was writing in my jotter where I'd  hidden  my  little yellow box, Bolivian President  Evo Morales was heading towards the Isla del Sol on  Lake Titicaca, in a boat made of reeds..

He'd invited many heads of states and spiritual leaders world wide, not to mention Nobel prize winners  to gather there, to welcome in  the new Era of Love and Compassion. 

He said  'We  will  mark the end of capitalism and  welcome  a new era of brotherhood and world cooperation. I hope this includes sisterhood. 
In front of all his  guest  and with indigenous spiritual elders and priests ,  Morales would perform a sacred  fire ceremony in the company of thousands of indigenous people , invited guests and others.