Friday, 6 April 2012

Back again

A corner of a converted railway carraige restaurant in Lima Peru.

Hello dear Readers, back again with you after the long journey (eighteen hours) from Granada to Peru.

This is just my second South American adventure with a laptop. On my last trip , we hadn't been connected to WiFi in our village in Spain, so I was unused to Facebook, Twitter, Skype and YouTube, all of which, in small doses, now enrich my life.

So this trip I'm making a special Travel Blog, which if you're interested, you can find through the link below, I hope.
Travel pod ( the new blog) is fun to make but feels very different from this blog,in which I feel like I'm connecting to my worldwide Internet tribe.

With travelpod it's like painting with a new medium. I'm not quite sure how to manage it, but I'm loving trying.

It's the great joy of storytelling, reaching out to people, sharing stories, and in this case it's going to be sharing images of a multifaceted adventure, a Mission no less.

So, for the next few weeks I will share mainly images with you and keep the stories for the more factual blog which is called, Beyond the Back of Bolivia.

Planning to upload photos every Thursday for the next five weeks.

If the link to above doesn't work, try Googling Meg_robinson Beyond the Back of Bolivia.