Friday, 16 June 2017

Another new day...

Today started with an 8.30 am blood test, a 9 am wasp bite, 10 am porridge, then developed into a day of long rests, lentil stew, and listening to the BBC's Radio 4 Women’s Hour for the first time in 21 years.

Then quiet time came,  thinking of friends who are ill, especially little Ursula in Canada whose brain tumour has come back for the 3rd time.

The hot day is slowly closing in now.  The cool air comes like a beloved friend. Carmen next door helps me  give the chickens fresh water. I can't bend yet. 4 eggs today. 'How sweet she says, pointing to the two tiny quails. They lay about one egg a month I tell her.

Now, after chocolate crepes (not quite right again, but made right with lots of vegan chocolate spread), before the light goes, some watering needs to be done.

Evening. My Spanish neighbours are siting outside under their beautiful tunnel of vines, talking. Old Louisa  sits on a  broken Van Gogh chair and swats flies, all day.

I took the following photos  in the village of  Notaez,  half an hour  away. My neighbours are carrying on the traditional ways of life here, but without the mules and donkeys .

'Lean on me.'

Hearing this song this afternoon made all the sadness and unfairness that’s happening all over the world, and especially in London - Grenfell Tower - so poignant.

“If we listen from the mind of silence, every birdsong and every whispering of the pine branches in the wind will speak to us.”

Titch Nath Hann