Saturday, 5 July 2014

A new chapter begins...

Tonight was another special occasion with two of the village children.  Nerea (9) it seems had never broken an egg. Maria (10) had never used matches. We arranged yesterday to make brownies together this evening.

Every stage was done with full attention, and lots of giggles. They weighed their hands, the eggs, the chocolate. While we waited for the brownies to cook we watched their fav music videos and sang along.

They poured the sticky mixture in little molds in the shape of rabbits. 

15 minutes later:
‘Oh dear,’ said Nerea as she tried to tip hers out, ‘a dead rabbit!’ 
‘Oh dear,’ said Maria, ‘another dead rabbit without ears!’ 
‘Oh dear’ said Maria, ‘not sure I like the taste!’

‘Never mind your brother will eat the lot.’ I said. 

Then we lit the candles, not sure why, but it seemed like a good idea. They were frightened of the matches, but delighted with the flames, and eager to make wishes when they blew the candles out. 

Sometime during the whole process Nerea, as ever totally spontaneous, decided to baptize me with a plastic spoon and some water. She made the sign of the cross on my forehead and announced:

‘Ok,’ she said ‘now all your sins are forgotten… or is it forgiven !!!!!’

A perfect beginning to a new chapter in my life.