Tuesday, 12 October 2010

La Chocolatda. Bringing hot chocolate and presents to thousands of children and the frail elderly in the High Andes at Christmas.

This little girl in Peru is enjoying a mug of hot chocolate, a sticky sweet bun, and the plastic doll on her lap has been a present from the charity www.pathoftheheart.com.

This year I will be working with a different organistaion called My Small Help ( www.mysmallhelp.org). We'll be taking her hot chocolate again (and to 4000 other underprivileged children in remote mountain villages near Machu Picchu), but this year she will be given a beautiful fair trade toy made in Peru.

My life has suddenly been taken over by organizing a third fund raiser to help this Christmas project happen.
Such generosity comes out of the cupboard when people get involved in fund raising. More stories of this coming soon !