Thursday, 20 August 2015


Greetings from the Convent of Santa Clara !

Thank you for following me. 

Most of my readers  it seems are in Russia , guess they just look at the art work, but every month people are dropping in from all round the world.  I so wish I knew  who you were. Please, sometimes, leave a message, or email me personally  @

I'm  here for a month (hopefully a bit longer) in the 15th century monastery in the village of Belalcazar near Cordoba, Spain. Part of the monastery, now a convent, has been converted into an  international arts centre.

Have a look at the  art's center/ convent's website :  .   You'll get an idea of what happening here.  It's exciting, stimulating,  nurturing,  humbling, and awe inspiring.

 I'm staying in the convent making a part silent retreat, working on new blub books, and the other part I'm  making a new series of paintings on the theme of the Spanish Golden Age called La Convivencia.  It was a fascinating period during which Muslims, Jews, and Christians lived in harmony together, for many generations.

Here are a few of my preliminary sketches to share with you.

Exhibition space at La Fragua arts centre.

La Fragua Arts Centre, Belalcazar Cordoba, Spain.

At the back of the arts centre is the convent where I'm staying.  My room is top right !

outdoor studio