Saturday, 22 March 2014

Springing back to life -the 5th visit to the healer.

When talking about healing, words often get in the way.

Change  is such a mysterious process, isn't it?.

Spring arrived in Andalucia  yesterday,

and this coincided with my 5th visit to the  faith healer.  Her name is Pura, she's about 62 years old.  She wears a  red crocheted shawl and looks comfortable in her brown soft slippers.   She calls me  'bonica' ( lovely)  and carino ( darling).  She's asked me to paint a portrait of her husband.  Each week I go back  she's forgotten to look out the photographs. He used to be very guapo ( handsome) she  tells me. Can you paint him without too many wrinkles?

Healing  and curing are not the same thing....

yesterday, at her house, some real magic happened...

impossible to explain with  words...

 so I'm using images to explain the awe I feel.  Images speak to the soul... 
energy miraculously and mysteriously shifts in healing...

energy  shifted yesterday...

Gracias Pura, nos vemos pronto.

For six weeks, once a week, I've been visiting a healer in a tiny village not too far from where I live in southern Spain.  I leave at  5.30 in the morning in order to be there when she opens her door at 7.15.  She gives each person a number.  If you come after 7.15 you don't get a number, so you don't get to see her!  No exceptions, except  parents with babies and young children.  
If 30 people turn up at 7.15,  you could be waiting till evening. Each person gets about 15 minutes with her. People come prepared to wait. People are patient. People come from all over Spain.

I was hoping for an instant miraculous cure, but it hasn't happened, yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!  

What has happened though is a slow gradual feeling of wellness.  The constant pain in both hips and legs has gone, but still I'm seriously  disabled.  I walk uphill like a 101 year old!  I need both hips replaced, but in the meantime,  it seems the rest of me is springing back to life. Thank you Pura. 

You can paint me beside my husband she said. Not too big. He really was very guapo when he was young she added.
I look into her dark eyes and smile.

My next trip to  south America feels a long way away, but I'm confident, super confident I'll be back. 

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Doors, bird and boot photo thanks to Pinterest.  Flower photos mine.