Sunday, 21 July 2013

Deliciously creative

Postre en love puddings

a small thank you to the chef....

supper in La Paz

a  small thank you to the chef...

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Finding a name

There has to be

a name that encapsulates

the essence of

 these children's lives, even those who live in San Pedro prison with their dads

what is the name that invites our compassion to support 5 Christmas projects ( hot chocolate fiestas)  for them ?

A few thousand children in Peru and Bolivia will receive a mug of hot chocolate, a sticky bun ( of course they LOVE this) and a small gift, and a  fun fiesta in their remote villages the week before Christmas.  The children living in San Pedro prison last year enjoyed a fab show from local clowns, as well.  Organizing this was a new project for us.

Ivan's clowns in San Pedro prison last Christmas.

I need to find a name and join  these 5 projects to network and fund raise successfully .  Friends from around the world want to support  and donate. All the creators of these 5 projects are friends of mine, they're  people giving back to their communities, except Barbara, a  young Italian woman who has created the school in San Pedro prison. 

Any  suggestions for a really punchy name ??

The road to Ccapi  and numerous other villages where many Chocolatadas were celebrated last year.

Tags:  La Chocolatada/ Peru/ Bolivia/  5 Christmas  projects/ hot chocolate in remote villages/ hot chocolate to  kids  living behind bars/  hell hole  Bolivian San Pedro  prison -yes  honestly  more than 300 kids live in this jail/   Father Christmas/ musicians /clowns in tow.  

Sharing the spirit of Christmas  to spirited children who know how to share.  

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Friday, 5 July 2013

Brave hearts, one goal.

The start beside the Atlantic...

they would trek in 6 weeks 800 kms...

loved getting the photos....

the  walkers added their thoughts and feelings about the expedition in Ignasi de Juan's sketchbook

many different groups of young and not so young  folk took part... here's the story...

TRANS-Pyrenean  Expedition - 2013

March for Social Inclusion

‘We are into week three of the first March for Social Inclusion. We’ll be crossing - in forty days- the Pyrenees from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.   This is an awareness-raising action and we’ve invited other organizations to join us,’ explain the organisers.

In  teams covering six stages  the participants will share their  problems, solutions and personal experiences  as they  cross the valleys, lakes, high peaks,  resting overnight in Pyrenean towns or on the mountainsides in refugios  or small pensions.  Along the way they will dialogue with local people  explaining their personal life challenges and experiences.

 In this first March for Social Inclusion ‘it’s more as a pilot project’ says Ignasi de Juan one of the organisers.
‘We want to see if this kind of innovative and creative action is compatible and useful for the work we do at FIT.’ 

In a world in which everybody despite colour or creed deserves a job, the teams believe this expedition can be a new way to raise awareness for social inclusion. 

Today, in these complex and difficult times for Spain, many people are excluded and unable to qualify for entry into the labour market and/ or training.
 A few are lucky but of the 6000 young people being looked after by the Spanish Government, only a few find their niche in the workplace.

Diallo came to Spain on a fishing boat at age 16 and was in both Residential Schools  and Education Action (CRAE). He also ( luckily)  received help from the Red Cross Foundation.  He says "My idea is to return to Senegal, to educate children and to combat school failure."

He was one of many foreign children sent by their parents, convinced that despite their forced removal, they would be better off alone in Spain.

He has a message for others: "It is better that young people remain in their own country, otherwise, nothing changes. I will not change Senegal, but maybe I can contribute something in my neighbourhood. "

Another young boy arrived in Spain aged 14, alone, under a truck from Nador.  He hasn’t  seen his family since.  With the help of a mentor  and learning the language,  he is  now  working  in the hospitality industry, in baking.  Taking part in the walk will be representatives from  many marginalised groups of young people living in Spain.

some of the young folk have been lucky in getting training or a job...

The vision of this project is huge, all information from the expedition will be shared with similar organisations across Spain and in Latin America.

Finally, ‘We will communicate these Pyrenean experiences with organizations and social networks  with the intention to explore solutions to bridge the social  gap, to give education and  opportunity for  work to all young people.’ say the organisers.

This will be by means of audio-visual material - video conferences and seminars. 
This is an innovative, creative and hugely ambitious project which I am delighted to support. If you would like more info and ways to contribute, please go to their Facebook page.

it seemed to rain a lot !!!

a moment to pause for Ines and friends...

Ignasi's sketch book...

more comments for the sketch book about this young mans experience of the trek...

and finally, they arrived at the Mediterranean ... 

800kms in 6 weeks for a cause so worth supporting. Congratulations Ignasi, Ines, Lucia, Ana and all involved.