Saturday, 25 February 2017

La puerta de Isabel

FB tells me I posted ‘this’ drawing 6 years ago. It instantly inspired me to share the story behind the drawing,  but as soon as I finished writing this piece, the drawing vanished .  After much searching I’ve found it!


It was such an ‘aha’ moment (seeing the drawing again), I wanted  to share the story with you, along with the  prints I made at our  Passionart group this morning. 

This morning after an intense hour with the estate agent, I was feeling rough .  The serious leg pain and the serious house hunting have begun once again.

So love how synchronicity always kicks in at the best moment.  Seeing this drawing again has filled me with new hope.


Here’s why!

In 4 weeks I will be without fixed abode again, and within 2 months, they will operate on the ‘other’ hip, so finding the ‘right’ house has some challenges.

This digital  drawing was inspired by the story of Isabel, the woman I bought my house from in Alcazar, 16 years ago. My beautiful house has had to be rented because of my health challenges.

The title for the drawing could be ' Sitting in the light.’  It's about how Isabel’s first baby died at birth in a dark house on the mountainside  in  Barjis, a remote village an hours walk from our village.

After the tragedy, Isabel and her family moved down to Alcazar to be nearer her sister .  Following her second birth, the doctor told her to ‘sit in the light’ with the baby every day for as long as possible. 

So she sat in the light in the doorway of the narrow upstairs barn ( now the siting room), facing south west, on what would later became the door onto my roof terrace. She sat there for weeks she told me, and the baby thrived. 


I made the new metal door the same dimensions  as hers, and  put it in the exact some place.  Then in  New Mexico I made a ceramic plaque to commemorate her success, her faith, and her  courage.

After photographing the plaque  I made many digital drawing based on the photo, this is one of them.. The series was called Marenta –Lord come..

Isabel had two more healthy babies then moved to Almeria in search of an easier life, which she found. We were/are the same age. 


So it’s a lovely reminder that moving house can be part of a process of thriving, of new life, of 'moving more into the  light.'
 Thank you Facebook.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Unfinished poem...

“Unfinished Poem"

I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”

John O'Donohue

Life drawing this morning.  Bliss and Joy!  Definitely carried away on a journey of beautiful unknowing and unfolding.

How can life be so sweet and so sour at the same time?

I've had an overdose of disturbing news over the internet.It's time to find a powerful antidote.

'To meet hatred and loss with a generous heart is the most difficult practice imaginable.
Yet what is the purpose of a spiritual practice if you are not going to use it in life's difficult moments?'

'It requires humility to surrender to the mystery of life, it's unpredictability.  It requires an equal amount of courage to face life's loses and  be willing to say:
'This too is life,'

 and bear it as you find it.'

and humour always helps!

Above drawing by Saul Steinberg. So love his images.

 Saul was a Romanian /American cartoonist and illustrator, June 15, 1914 – May 12, 1999,  best known for his work for The New Yorker.  He described himself as "a writer who draws".