Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Friday 13th is often said to be an unlucky day. For me it brought pure Alegria (happiness).

The day started early, I was in Motril by 9am. The fine grey material covering the inside of the roof of my 18 year old car had collapsed in places, so driving - when the window was open- had become like having a large sheet trampolining on and off my head .
There was a real possibility of being enshrouded at any moment, so, it had to be fixed.

There was a real possibility of being enshrouded at any moment, so, it had to be fixed.
 The repair job was going to take four hours. It would coast 100€.

I took a new book to read to bide my time.
It was too hot to go exploring the city.
The book had been waiting to be picked up for at least three months. Funny how the day, the hour, the minute have to be just right for each new read.
 Called 'An Irish Tale of a Modern Mystic' the author,Tantra Matt, was a friend of a friend.

The day promised to be a scorcher. To pass the four hours peacefully, I planned to move from cafe to cafe, reading, alternating between decaf coffees and glasses of ice cold water.

 During my first delicious decaf coffee con leche (with milk) - sitting on the terrace of the bar opposite the garage- my attention was taken by a filthy little dog shaking with fear. Completely confused, he seemed to be searching for his owner, or desperately, unsuccessfully, trying to come up with a plan B. Where to go, what to do?

Obviously abandoned some time ago, he was a picture of neglect, terror, and helplessness. His mangy long tail looked like a feather duster dipped in something sticky.

I tried to attract his attention. This is not a habit of mine. I am not a doggy person, yet. He smelt the food from the bar and came closer. Then he noticed me making odd faces and strange noises, and smiled. Well, something akin. It didn't take long for us both to fall deeply in love.