Wednesday, 27 January 2016

So love Wednesdays.

Expressive arts group.... so much fun playing with colour...

experimenting... and loving it....

later I drew into the images...

Another Wednesday morning of discovering what can happen when we experiment with colour and additives: vinegar, oil, salt, alcohol, lemon juice on top of watercolour, then wandering in with lines to see what we can find. Thank you Pernille for another smile making session, once again I come home delightfully surprised.

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Monday, 25 January 2016

Awesome Saturday.

Awesome Saturday.

Today, I enjoyed a celebratory lunch at the beach with a dear friend.  The  restauarnt was jam packed.  At least six waiters sprinted in and out of the kitchen. One dropped a wine glass.  Some tables  were  inside, most were outside on the beach. The sea was calm.  There was no wind. January on the beach.  Incredible !

All the best tables were taken or reserved.  A scribbled note on the corner of the paper tablecloth proved the reservation - Alfredo- 14.30- Lecrin, Maria 15.00,Velez, etc.

Could we separate these two tables I asked the head waiter?  Hummm was the reply.  Great.  We got the last seats, inside.
The sun shone. The large elderly senora  at the next table, accompanied by  two men and a young woman, somehow managed to eat paella without losing her bright orange lipstick.

After sharing a creme caramel with my friend of 18 years, we headed for Lidel, and cat food.

Not having cats, I bought a posh toothbrush  along with  some organic chocolate and a pair of turquoise pyjamas for going into hospital. I don’t think I’ve  worn pyjamas since I was ten.  We then had a leisurely nose around the Chinese shop in Salobrena buying exciting things we both really needed.  Yes honestly, we both really did need these enchanting little 'things!' 

Then finally at about 5pm , we drove home through the awesome gorge.
That’s the very best word I can think of, I told my Dutch friend.  Awesome. It’s a Truly Awesome Gorge.

The world felt new. The word felt new. The wind was gentle. The majestic peaks of the high Sierra Nevada dominated the far distance.  Strong winter sunshine illuminated the tall bamboo and ancient eucalyptus trees swaying gracefully beside the river. The gorge enveloped us.  Everything living thing seemed to be  shimmering and pulsating .  Every little cell in my body was shouting hooray and thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, my friend then really  surprised me.  She took me to see a house which may be for sale.  You gota have a house with a view she said. She knew I was house hunting.

Well ! This has to be a historic day.  I literally found the house of my dreams.

And it had a view, and a huge studio -without a roof, yet.  It's an unfinished house, that's perfect. Sadly it’s not in the right place though.

But that doesn’t matter.  I've had a glimpse into my future just as I release my own house to two lovely people who will rent it for a year.  I've seen my new dream for the first time in three dimensions.

 May we all see our dreams manifest in the most wonderfully unexpected ways.

Life after chemo, chapter 2 begins.

PS.  The  verb 'to nose' is used in Scotland  to  mean to ‘have a bit of a sneaky look around !’  Some people say ‘let’s have a nosey parker here, or let’s have a nosey over there!

Which reminds me.  A 12 year old Moroccan boy in Marrakesh  25 years ago said: Good morning Mr and Mrs, I be your guide today thank you.  You like to come shuffty to our Marks and Spencer’s (the medina), or you prefer have a nosy  around the ruins !!!!! Needless to say this extraordinary little being became out best friend for the next six days. And come to think of it, he saved us from a stabbing !!

Photos thanks to Pinterest.  The blue drawing is mine.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Doctor Don Claudio says...

With considerable seriousness, bearded Don Claudio, the orthopaedic surgeon, asked me today if I was aware of the risks of having a hip operation.

 As the interview developed  we witnessed an experienced doctor showing kindness, interest, and humour.  He spent  most of our time together time looking directly at me and Maria, asking many questions, and listening attentively to the answers.  I was amazed.

  In the car coming home  we discussed every part of the morning.  The  rough  nurse in the x-ray department- did you hear me scream  4 times I asked Maria?  No, she said, that’s why they have  thick  double doors! 

 The visit to the chemo ward, to change the time of the next check-up for the little implant ,was highlighted by  the lovely welcome from the head nurse.  She jumped up from her desk and kissed me. Are you Ok  were her first words.

And as we wound our way home though the pine forest with the sea behind us and the mountains in front, I nearly drove off the side of the road.  Did he really say that I blurted.

Yes, said Maria, he’s putting you high up on the waiting list, it’s urgent, and the meeting with the anaesthetist is for next week.

Watch this space !!!!

First two drawings are mine, ceramic artwrok thanks to Pinterest,  Mona Lisa having a siesta, thanks to Pinterest also.