Saturday, 26 August 2017


What I’m especially grateful for today:

Finding I have a 3rd cousin in the US. This means we have the same great great grandparents on my Jewish father's side.
Appearently he was one of the Tzar's bodyguards. How fascinating is that?

Love this pic, but sadly she's not any relation.

My dear friend Claire is still in a coma.  She's  peaceful in her Granada hospital bed.

My daughter in law loved her three weeks late birthday chocolates, and my grandchildren helped her eat them all.

The small white van that reversed into me yesterday in a narrow lane in the village did no more harm than give me two red bruised knees.

I finally understand 90% of my writing is just getting clear.

I'm grateful for hours spent with paint and pastels messing till the emerging stranger appears, and in a flash of recognition becomes family, and greets me. This is a real prodigal son/daughter moment. A meeting of hearts. Magical. Mysterious.Thrilling.

                                                             This happened today.

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