Sunday, 24 December 2017

Happy Holidaze amigos.

I think we are all capable of inspiring each other. I think this is the message I was born to share.

                      I've quoted Mary Oliver many times, I love her 'Instructions for living a life.'


 'Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it .'

The world needs great storytellers.

 Katherine Arden is one of this new breed.  I'm reading her  magical  book  The Bear and The Nightingale,  right now. 

2017 has been the year of discovering my Russian ancestry.

It seems my never met, never known Jewish father's great  grandfather was a body guard/ groomsman to Czar Nicholas. Thank you ancestry. com for this info. Oh for some photos of them all, the absent men in my life!

Since discovering the Russian connection, drawings of the Czar's four fascinating  daughters and his fragile son have flowed. The theme continues.

So, my  Christmas gift to you today is a wordless fairy tale of drawings, with a Russian tinge...

Learning to see every challenging situation  through my kindest eyes has definitely  been  this year’s  biggest lesson.  Thank you Rene August in South Africa.

May we  be blessed to see the gift in every difficult situation.

Happy Holidaze  queridos amig@s.

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