Saturday, 26 January 2019

Adventures with Colour.

New Creative retreats starting in May.

Exploring, and using  colour in new ways. A  adventure into colour making.  - destination unknown. For passionate hobby artists and  professionals.

Like the idea?

Whatever kind of art you make at the moment, the  pledge is that you will go away  inspired to be braver, more curios, bolder, risk taking , and with your inner critic quietened.

The retreats will be fun, exciting, unblocking, inspiring you to start using  new techniques ,ideas, and attitudes to your art making whether you’re a passionate hobby artist or a professional.

 The idea is to provide a safe non-judgmental  place where you can meet and greet  your most creative self.   Self-sabotage will be used as your inner compass.

Your inner critic will lose total
control .  I know that’s quite a claim but believe me , it’s possible.

I will teach some basic drawing  and colour mixing skills, the rest will be playing with a wonderful variety  of materials and techniques, some in the studio others  in nature.

 You can call it expressive art if you need a title.

Dates and prices to follow.  Please see the ‘old’ website for back info.

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